Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

(also offering Residential Carpet Cleaning)

Releasit Carpet Cleaning Technology
Our #1 system for cleaning is Releasit Carpet Cleaning Technology. Kleenway uses a Cimex Scrubbing Machine. Rated as the best Scrubbing Machine in the world. Together with the Cimex and Releasit product we have found an unbeatable system for cleaning. We use this system mainly for commercial and some residential. View images of our Cimex Scrubbing Machine here.

How Soil Affects Carpet
According to a well documented study, dry soil comprises 79% of the total soil in a carpet. Most dry soil can be readily removed by routine dry vacuuming. It’s the oily and sticky soils (the other 21%) that attract and hold dry soil to the surface. The result is a dull, gray and ugly appearance. Keep in mind, professional carpet cleaning is attempting to recover the smaller percentage of soil (the 21%). Releasit’s encapsulation technology can accomplish this task with ease.

Spot & Stain Removal
Kleenway Services receives many requests for stain removal and we are happy to oblige. Many people have to understand that there are many types of stains and spills. We have to try to identify what it is and use our products accordingly. Even though we have great products that work very well we cannot guarantee that every stain will come out. We are very successful with most stains but not always will they disappear.

Stair Tool
Stairs are always part of the cleaning process and we use an Oreck XL Pro machine with a cotton pad or a scrubbing pad along with our dependable solutions to give your home or business that almost like new look to your carpeted stairs.

Releasit Carpet Maintenance Helps Carpet Stay Clean Longer
The key to effective carpet cleaning is to counteract sticky soils. The Releasit polymer chemistry surrounds soil particles in the carpet and forms a crystal that can’t attract other soil. While Releasit’s crystallizing polymer is curing it is also absorbing the sticky soils that hold dry soil in place. With these oily soils out of the way the carpet looks cleaner and since there’s no dirt attracting residue left behind the carpet continues to look good long after the cleaning.
Releasit also benefits from using advanced flourochemical technology. As the carpet is scrubbed the loosened soil and the fiber are both coated with the flourochemical. The flourochemical significantly facilitates the extraction of the encapsulated soil particles through routine vacuuming. Additionally, the flourochemical lowers the surface tension which increases the wetting / cleaning ability. It also helps to increase the carpet’s soil resistance and it has terrific anti-wicking properties. So carpets maintained with Releasit can stay clean longer.

VLM Method
Our second system for carpet cleaning is called our VLM Method. Our Very Low Moisture cleaning system is the answer. Our 100% natural, Baby and Pet safe, GREEN, carpet cleaning product is applied to your carpets. It’s job is simply to release the soil, then the soil is removed using our 100% cotton terri-cloth pads. These are driven by the Kleenway Services Conqueror oscillating carpet machine. It gently scrubs away the dirt from your carpets. We use as many pads as it requires to clean your carpets. Then we take the pads home where we wash them and send the dirt down the drain. We then vacuum and leave the carpets soft and they are not only deep cleaned but usually dry in 1 hours time. Go ahead get it cleaned in the morning and entertain the same day with total confidence! Let Medicine Hat’s Kleenway Services serve you and your carpets today! Absolutely the finest VLM cleaning available! View images of our Orbital VLM Machine here.

Non-ionic surfactants in a base of colloidal micelles. Blending extracts of natural plants such as corn, grain, potatoes, soy, etc creates colloidal micelles. They contain no carcinogenic or mutagenic ingredients. No butyl, chlorine, formaldehyde, hydrochloric beach, phosphates, hydroxides, d-limonene.

No EPA red flags! “Readily Biodegradable” – the EPA’s most desirable classification means it is safe to dispose of down drains or onto the ground.