Janitorial Services in Medicine Hat

Kleenway Services provides another major service within our company and that is a very Reputable Janitorial Service. As we stated before Kleenway Services has been in business since 2003. When Kleenway became a company our first and main service was Commercial & Industrial Janitorial

We purchased the agreements of five commercial business clients and began building our business from this. Our idea for janitorial was to find a group of people that were exceptional cleaners. As you know in every line of work there are people that excel in certain circles of work and this holds true in janitorial as well. We were looking for those types of people for our company. When we found a person who we thought could provide us with the quality of work we wanted we brought them into our company. What we did for them was to find as much work for them as they wanted in return they would agree to give us the quality of work that we requested.

Since Kleenway became a company we have gone through a variety of different cleaning people. By doing this, Kleenway has been able to find a group that has become very efficient and given our company a very good and positive reputation throughout the city of Medicine Hat and surrounding area.

What Do We Do?

  • Kleenway brightens your office with detail cleaning, no dust, no streaking, we sweep out those edges and corners, giving your office that fresh, relaxing feeling that you deserve.
  • We also sweep and wash all floors, vacuum all carpets, spot clean walls wipe fingerprints off of glass windows and doors, leaving no area untouched. Also, wherever staff eat their lunch our cleaners will make sure that the tables and appliances are clean and sanitized.
  • One specific service that Kleenway has offered for years is floor stripping and waxing. We find that there is a growing need for this service over the recent years. We have very experienced floor technicians that will strip, scrub and apply long lasting wax when necessary. We have access to many floor experts in the industry to help us with the many different kinds of wax applications. We want to give that new floor shine that Customers will appreciate and comment on.