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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Medicine Hat

Carpets play a major role in building a good first impression of your business. When customers or clients visit any office, they expect to see a clean comfortable space. This builds a good lasting impression and is ultimately good for branding. Sure, you have all the furniture, picture frames, and even plants to go with the whole aesthetic. But when they open that door and take that first step towards your office and see that worn-out, stained, dirty carpet, they will definitely remember. That is why commercial carpet cleaning should be a priority and Kleenway Services can definitely do the job.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Why choose Kleenway Services for Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

Kleenway is not your average Commercial Carpet Cleaning service. We use Releasit Carpet Cleaning Technology (Encapsulation Technology) for most, if not all, carpet cleaning. This is an easier, faster, and more effective process compared to hot water extraction. We do spot and stain removal, and we use a specialized tool for carpeted stairs. We give you that big “before” and “after” transformation you have been looking for.

Soil comprises 79% of this buildup in your carpet. The other 21% is comprised of oils that attract and hold dirt to the carpet fiber. Regular vacuuming usually gets rid of most of the soil buildup. But, it’s the oils, and whatever sticks to it that you have to worry about. Those oils and the nasty things that stick to it would need quite the deep cleaning. And these are what our commercial carpet cleaning services are here to help you with.

We use Releaseit Carpet Cleaning Technology (Encapsulation Technology) for our commercial carpet cleaning.

Encapsulation Technology is a much more economical way of commercial carpet cleaning. We use a highly effective encapsulation product that crystalizes and encapsulates soil that is attached to fibers. Once it crystallizes, this will cause soil particles to be released from the fibers which will then clump together. The soil then becomes easier to remove through a vacuum and will stay clean for a longer period of time. This means you save more time, effort, and money!

Here are some of the main benefits of using our Encapsulation System: 

  • Extends the optimum appearance of carpets on a day to day basis;
  • Carpet typically dries in 2 to 4 hours so clients can be back in service faster;
  • Carpet extraction uses about 20 gallons of water to clean 1,000 square feet. Encapsulation uses about 4 or less gallons; 
  • Encapsulation minimizes the possibility of wicking;
  • Soil recovered using an encapsulation system is collected by a vacuum. Using an extraction method, gallons of soiled water is discharged into sewers;
  • Encapsulation extends carpet cleaning frequencies. This is cost-effective and is less disruptive to building users and is much more environmentally friendly. 

Spot and Stain Removal

Stains and Spills. It happens. What makes things worse is that there are many kinds of stains and spills. Unfortunately, there are those that really do not go away. But there are those that only Kleenway can remove. 

Stair Tool

Stubborn dirt and stains in carpeted stairs can be a challenge in commercial carpet cleaning. Kleenway Services uses an Oreck XL Pro machine. Our effective solutions are used together with a scrubbing pad that makes sure your carpeted stairs look good as new. 

Clean and in pristine condition. This is what you want for your carpets. Clean for clients and clean for those who spend almost 8 hours a day in your facility. Quality, Consistency, And Satisfaction! These Are The Standards Kleenway Service Lives By.

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Quality, Consistency, and Satisfaction!  These are the Standards Kleenway Service tries to live by.

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Brian Kyle

Anytime Fitness

I have been a Kleenway customer for several years now and have nothing but good things to say about Mona and Lynn and the service they provide. Kleenway provides a professional and cost effective cleaning that is tailored to my specific needs and budget, and we are regularly complimented on the cleanliness of our facility.

Jackie Sodero

Cleaning Services for your Home or Business

I have a Border Collie and an Australian Shepherd in my house and my off-white carpets get dirty and stained often. I usually get them cleaned twice a year. I came across Kleenway Services several years ago. Their cleaning company is unique in that they have an unbeatable system for cleaning and no matter how often I get my rugs cleaned they always come out looking like new.

John Hashem

Whiskey Creek

I have had the opportunity to use the services of Lynn & Mona on several occasions. The work was more than satisfactory and the prices are fair. The biggest advantage is their ability to work on our schedule.

Dr. Crystal Taylor

Cleaning Services for your Home or Business

I highly recommend Kleenway Services! I love their natural products which are safe for my kids and pets! My carpets also look great!! Thanks!

Jim and Shelly Grossman

Cleaning Services for your Home or Business

We have used Lynn and Mona to clean our carpets on a number of occasions. We love their commitment to quality and their pleasant personalities. They treat you as a best friend would treat you. Always a pleasure to use their service.

Rod Wilson

Royal LePage Community Realty

In the real estate world having a carpet cleaner that is excellent in his job and knows the right product to use to lift out those ugly stains that happen to pop up on the carpet is most important. Kleenway Services are quick to respond to our requests and does an excellent job. Drying time is quick and fast making moving in to our client’s new homes fast and hassle free. Lynn and Mona are professional and very conscientious. I would recommend Lynn and Mona to any one of my clients.