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Janitorial & Office Cleaning

Commercial Janitorial Services In Medicine Hat  

Whether it’s your home or your business, making a great impression on your guests or your clients is important. Part of succeeding hangs on the cleanliness of your space that’s why consistent maintenance and cleanliness are a must. Whatever you need to keep your space spick and span, you can rely on Kleenway Services to give you high-quality commercial janitorial services. 

Since 2003, Kleenway Services has been providing Medicine Hat and the surrounding area with flexible, cost-effective, and reputable commercial janitorial services. With our highly-trained cleaning professionals and our up to date cleaning systems and techniques, we make sure to give you the sparkle you expect. 

Our company offers full-service cleaning for all kinds of businesses. Our services include vacuuming carpets, spot cleaning walls, and cleaning glass, windows, and doors. We can also wash, sweep, strip, or wax your floors to keep them looking new and to protect them from damage. Our team can also make sure that the tables and appliances are cleaned and sanitized after lunch breaks. And last but not least, our team can also ensure that your washrooms remain clean and sparkly at all times as we have a list of duties specifically for this area. We make sure to leave no surface untouched. And in all our commercial janitorial services, our team uses natural products in addition to the latest technology to give you not only a clean space but also a healthy environment.

To deliver the exact services our clients want, we listen closely to their expectations, take a pro-active approach in defining their requirements, and build the best partnership possible. And through good quality assurance programs and continuous training from management down, we make sure to keep improving our commercial janitorial services for our clients. 

Kleenway Commercial Janitorial Services: What We Do  

  • Kleenway brightens your home or office with detail cleaning. First off, we make sure to dust everything off without leaving any streaks. Then, we make sure to sweep or vacuum out those hard to get edges and corners to give you the fresh, clean, and relaxing office you deserve. 
  • We also offer carpet vacuuming services to get the daily traffic of dirt off of your carpets and to make them last a lot longer. If you’re in need of more intense cleaning, we have professional carpet cleaning services where we use our encapsulation system. 
  • Over recent years, we have found that some specific services such as floor stripping and waxing have been growing in demand. These services not only leave your floors shining but, also protects your floors from damage allowing it to take on heavy foot traffic and to last longer. With that, we have very experienced floor technicians that will strip, scrub and apply long-lasting wax when necessary. We also have floor experts who can help us with the various different kinds of wax applications to ensure that we meet your exact demands. 
  • In addition to keeping your floors nice and neat, we also provide kitchen and restroom sanitation services.
  • Our professional cleaners can also spot clean or full clean your walls. They can also clean your windows and doors making sure to leave no streaks or fingerprints in sight. 

Work In A Medicine Hat Office That Feels New, All Thanks To Kleenway's Office Cleaning Services!  

There is nothing that makes quite the right impression than a clean and orderly office space. After all, a clean office environment is one key factor of a modern and effective company. Aside from being an important factor in client perception and the company’s brand persona, cleanliness also has a major role to play with your employee’s health, wellbeing, and even their productivity. That's where Kleenway's Office Cleaning Services come in!  

Janitorial & Office Cleaning

Office desks gather many germs, and this contributes to the average employee losing nine working days per year to sickness. In addition to helping to prevent this, a clean office increases focus, lessens stress, and lessens time wasted. All in all, this equates to greater profitability. Unfortunately, even if you have an in-house cleaning staff, that doesn’t mean you won’t need a good deep clean every now and then. At that, Kleenway has your back.

With Our Efficient, Consistent, And Quality Office Cleaning Services, We’ll Make Sure That We Leave A Fresh And Pristine Office That Emphasizes Professionalism And Creates A Healthy Working Environment For Your Employees. 

With our trained professionals and high tech equipment, we’ll make sure to leave your work stations, meeting rooms, eating area, and restrooms squeaky clean. We’ll also make sure not to leave a speck of dust on any of your office furniture no matter how big or small. In addition to that, you can trust us to professionally clean your windows, doors, glass dividers, and panels. And last but not least, we are also ready to provide carpet cleaning using our encapsulating carpet cleaning method.

Janitorial & Office Cleaning

Large or small, Kleenway’s office cleaning services will transform your offices into pristine spaces ready to boost your employee’s productivity and morale. From reception areas, offices, meeting rooms, washrooms, and kitchens, we’re ready to tailor our cleaning system to your specific needs. 

Let us help you make your workspace a clean, organized, and comfortable space that almost feels like home. Give us a call or set up an appointment with us today. With Kleenway Services, you only get quality, consistency, and satisfaction.

Medicine Hat's One-Stop Shop For Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Services 

When it comes to office furniture with all the traffic it encounters every day, it can gather up layers of dust, dirt, allergens, germs, soil, and food crumbs without you barely noticing it until it's too late. And, of course, there's the occasional and unavoidable stains and blemishes. All these can wear down your beloved furniture and dull their appearance making them look much more beaten up than they really are. Fortunately, turning that dirty furniture or that comfortable office chair into like new again has never been easier. 

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Services You Can Count On 

With one call to Kleenway, you can turn your dirty furniture around. With the best upholstery cleaning services from Kleenway, your furniture will be revived and restored to a cleaner and enhanced look that leaves it looking like new again. You can bid goodbye to those stubborn stains and that dull worn-out look. Not only that but it will also help extend the life of your furniture. 

In addition to taking good care of your furniture, we also make sure that our cleaning process is safe and healthy. We use a hot water extractor along with our 100% natural biodegradable cleaning solutions. This system is highly effective and environmentally friendly which makes it safe for all types of furniture upholstery materials both natural and synthetic. It also removes certain particles that can damage your upholstery fabric in the long run. After the quick process, your furniture will look like new. 

At Kleenway Services, we always try to provide the best systems for cleaning for the satisfaction of our customers. If you're looking for the best upholstery cleaning service for your office furniture pieces, we've got you covered. Whatever type of material and whatever kind of a mess, we have just the right experts and equipment to get the job done right. So don't wait another minute! Book now and get your furniture looking like new once again! 

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Brian Kyle

Anytime Fitness

I have been a Kleenway customer for several years now and have nothing but good things to say about Mona and Lynn and the service they provide. Kleenway provides a professional and cost effective cleaning that is tailored to my specific needs and budget, and we are regularly complimented on the cleanliness of our facility.

Jackie Sodero

Cleaning Services for your Home or Business

I have a Border Collie and an Australian Shepherd in my house and my off-white carpets get dirty and stained often. I usually get them cleaned twice a year. I came across Kleenway Services several years ago. Their cleaning company is unique in that they have an unbeatable system for cleaning and no matter how often I get my rugs cleaned they always come out looking like new.

John Hashem

Whiskey Creek

I have had the opportunity to use the services of Lynn & Mona on several occasions. The work was more than satisfactory and the prices are fair. The biggest advantage is their ability to work on our schedule.

Dr. Crystal Taylor

Cleaning Services for your Home or Business

I highly recommend Kleenway Services! I love their natural products which are safe for my kids and pets! My carpets also look great!! Thanks!

Jim and Shelly Grossman

Cleaning Services for your Home or Business

We have used Lynn and Mona to clean our carpets on a number of occasions. We love their commitment to quality and their pleasant personalities. They treat you as a best friend would treat you. Always a pleasure to use their service.

Rod Wilson

Royal LePage Community Realty

In the real estate world having a carpet cleaner that is excellent in his job and knows the right product to use to lift out those ugly stains that happen to pop up on the carpet is most important. Kleenway Services are quick to respond to our requests and does an excellent job. Drying time is quick and fast making moving in to our client’s new homes fast and hassle free. Lynn and Mona are professional and very conscientious. I would recommend Lynn and Mona to any one of my clients.